About Pat Hansen

Patrick Hansen – Future Transport Consultant.   

Pat grew up on a farm near Helensville, New Zealand with a fascination with machines.  Throughout a career spanning well over 45 years he has travelled the world taking a hands-on roles in a range of fields such as motor sport, car manufacturing, transport infrastructure, oil drilling, mining and more. He has a wealth of knowledge and experience in engineering and mechanics and has had management and consulting roles with prestigious companies internationally such as Ricardo Consulting Engineers (Sussex, England); as well as running his own successful engineering and manufacturing businesses, Hansen Engines in Brighton England. He developed race engines and engineered race cars resulting in an impressive record of race and championship winning success.




Hansen engines eventually expanded into production road car manufacturing and became the leading constructor of replica AC Cobras and designed and built many different types of vehicles, including the Longline Light Strike Vehicles for British Special Forces to use in Gulf War.  He has personally been responsible for the production of over 3 000 road going vehicles.

Like more and more experts, he can see that transport is going to have to change dramatically; Pat’s unique strength is that he can see how, and he has the skill, drive and experience to design and deliver the transport system of the future.